Wonder Woman aka The Keeper of Peace, The Defender of Lies

The Keeper of Peace

I accepted my sword with honor and grace

I held my sword up high, I accepted my place

With every fiber of my being I lived and breathed as Defender of Peace

The Keeper of Peace

No stone left unturned, my focus was sure, my purpose was secured

The importance of this burden was perfectly clear

I held it gladly, with joy even, with perfect clarity and full responsiblity

Emotional balance was all I could see

It needs defending, it needs protecting

The bully, I ran at you, my mission is true

I gave it my all, 1000%

My focus never wavered, my mission ever broadened

The Keeper of Lies

Helping who?

Creating Lack!

You are helpless, you need me! Please follow the rules.

Stay safe, do not feel, just follow the rules.

Balance the anger

Balance the fear

Stay focused, stay vigilant, can’t you see? It is so clear.

Keep the peace at all costs to yourself, to those around you.

Does it matter?

Don’t feel the pain

You are beyond this, your purpose is your destiny

Your choice has been made

You’re the Keeper of Lies

Keep everyone small

Don’t rock the boat

Don’t think for yourself

Don’t have a dream

Don’t turn your attention! Not for a moment

Stay strong, stay vigilant, stay determined

You will never fail

Except at Living

Everyone needs me to protect and defend

The Keeper of Lies

For over 40 years this has been my career 24/7, never letting down my guard, not for a moment

I lay down my sword now with honor and grace

I did what I understood to be true, what I felt was my responsibility and I gave it my all. I can find satisfaction in that, 1000%.

I put down my sword

I am retired

I am now ready to live




I CAN, I CAN, I CAN!!! Setting the stage for success. My new mantra!

In the attempt to yet again try and start a new habit. Always come up with a great plan but always doomed to failure. A process that I thought was unattainable because I chalked it up to my “personality”. Well I have come to find out that it has nothing to do with personality and everything to do with two little words that have been the basis for everything I have ever attempted in my life.  It is not what you think.  I always thought that I can do anything. That is not the problem. The problem is…


“I need” to is how I start the sentence for everything I do from the moment I wake up till the moment I put my head on the pillow.


Get up, get dressed. I need to get the family off to work or school. I need to find time for me. I need to care for my pets. I need to get a job. I need to pay bills. I need to plan meals. I need to feed my fish. I need to change my core. I need to send out birthday cards. I need to find time to relax. I need to go to bed. I need to brush my teeth. I need to work on my marriage.

HOLY MOLY, feel the vibration of the I NEED! It turns everything into a CHORE/SUCK/LACK vibration immediately.  What a revelation when you replace these two little words with I CAN!


I can get up, I can get dressed. I can get my family off to work or school. I can find time for me. I can care for my pets. I can get a job. I can pay my bills. I can plan meals. I can feed my fish. I can change my core. I can send out cards and gifts. I can relax. I can go to bed. I can brush my teeth. I can work on my marriage. Feel that vibration now! One of OPPORTUNITY/UPLIFT/FREEDOM. Two little words can shift your vibration from downward to upward in an instant.

The Core of Fear uses two of the most powerful words in its arsenal so subtle yet so complete. I NEED…

The Core of Peace has its own two most powerful words in its arsenal so subtle yet so complete. I CAN…

If I truly want to live, walk, breath my new found Core of Peace then I can start this new habit today and practice like my life depends on it. Because it does. I am completely and entirely committed to I CAN, I CAN, I CAN. Replace two little words, notice, replace, notice, replace, notice, replace.  I have written this on my arm. I CAN. My first and most important new habit, new routine, a new way of life begins here now.

This is the rainbow bridge from me and the small self to the inner being and larger self and Core of Peace.  This is where all the power resides. How to gain access? Add “I CAN”.

You can argue the point if you like. I would love to see you try because if you do you will come to the same conclusion I did because you will feel it and believe.

Okay, you say what about having a baby, you may say well you do need to feed, change, clothe, tend to your baby. But think about it for a second. You are not a child care worker getting paid for your time. You are a loving caring parent who does all these things because of how you feel about this precious gift. Your “need to” will immediately turn the blessing into a chore. I can feed, care, tend to my children because that is an opportunity to express my joy for this unbelievable gift. I can does not set the tone for removing options. It opens up the way for love and joy to enter. You will do even more because it will energize you and make you feel so good that you can’t help yourself.

“Need to” sets the tone for lack, never-ending, judgment, trapped and sad. Stuck in some endless thankless obligation. HOLY MOLY.

SHIFT HAPPENS! (an expression from one of my sole buddies, not mine but so perfect)

I just felt this unbelievable shift, a physical, whole and complete shift. Thank you Sparkle Diamond for standing by my side and showing me how to find the rainbow bridge to you. Always more and always beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t wait to CAN, CAN, CAN through this glorious day, this gift I have been given, this glorious day that I can now see because I no longer NEED TO.

I CAN materialize $100,000! I CAN follow my BLISS. I CAN extend my Core of Peace. I CAN have it all. I CAN, I CAN, I CAN.  WHY NOT! (that is another layer I discovered today and may end up writing about)  WHY NOT! Is right, who says anyway. If you think about it you will get your answer. Okay, YOU, YOU, YOU. MYOB and FOCUS.

I NEED To live from my Core of Peace… Desperation, wanting, missing something, still out there, setting the stage for failure.

I CAN live from my Core of Peace… Energized, active, hopeful, here now, setting the stage for success.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am eternally grateful!!!

More Meditations aka Can’t stop the flow!

It is so interesting how this happened but once I gave my mind this “task” I can’t stop. How powerful it is to STOP, choose a direction, GO. I just need to give my mind a worthwhile job to focus on and it will do the rest.

My spouse just reminded me of a wise ancient Chinese proverb… Or it may just be a joke from grade school! Either way it is very profound.

Go to bed with itchy hinny, wake up with smelly finger


Insightful, willing, able, the receiver, In Tune, unique, joyful, ready, present, balanced, intentional, eternal, comforting, enthusiastic, reliable, complete, glorious, perfect, spirit, wise, tranquil, responsible, inspired, powerful, amazing, flowing, graceful, purposeful


Insight, willingness, ability, receiving, harmony, uniqueness, joy, readiness, presence, balance, eternity, comfort, enthusiasm, reliability, completeness, glory, perfection, my inner being, wisdom, tranquility, responsibility, inspiration, power, amazement, flow, grace, purpose


Ah, an unfocused mind will certainly lead you to a smelly finger until your core of peace is secure.   If you are coming from the core of fear your unchecked mind will lead you to the smelly unwanted side of life.  Yes, you will get what you want but you will also get what you don’t want in equal proportion. This has been my experience.

This new Core of Peace I have claimed by shear determination and clarity of focus is making it easy to see what I do want but, even more so, notice very quickly what no longer fits and make adjustments before my finger gets smelly.

There you have it. To be smelly or not to be smelly? That is the questions.

More Meditations to Remember aka Where is your focus?

I was having so much fun with my meditations that this morning I woke up and could not stop.  They are not actually meditations really, just reminders that when your mind seems to be taking on a direction that you don’t like and can’t seem to stop the momentum.  I can start thinking of these and change the direction immediately and completely not to mention having fun trying to think of more to add.


Grateful, magnificent, resourceful, miraculous, healthy, gifted, talented, boundless, clear, consistent, content, fair, enough, worthy, abundant, bright, expanding, faithful, open, appreciative, energetic, honest, awake, acceptable, wild, free, beautiful, curious, strong, confident, holy, creative, kind, thoughtful, mindful, focused, valuable, satisfied, connected, encouraging, courageous, wealthy, generous, insightful


Gratitude, magnificence, resourcefulness, miracles, health, gifts, talent, boundlessness, clarity, consistency, contentment, fairness, more, abundance, brilliance, expansion, faithfulness, openness, appreciation, energy, honesty, wakefulness, acceptability, wildness, freedom, beauty, curiosity, strength, confidence, holiness, creativity, kindness, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, focus, value, satisfaction, connection, encouragement, courage, wealth, generosity, insight


This feels so wonderful just saying these ideas. What a beautiful, wonderful gift.

I am eternally grateful for this new state of mind. Training my mind to work for me instead of against me. Living in the moment instead of looking backward focused only on what I don’t want.  I never knew what I did want, I truly could not tell you or myself. I can now ALLOW myself to see what I want and even better KNOW that I can have it all.  All it took was looking in a different direction. I have not changed, only my focus has changed and yet I am completely different, transformed literally from the inside out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Today I am Calm

Today I am calm

Today is the day

What is wrong with you?

This is never the question to ask

Today I am calm

Today is the day

What is wrong with this world?

This is not the question to ask.

Today I am calm

Today is the day

What is wrong with our planet?

This is not the question to ask

Today I am calm

Today is the day

The question to ask is why do I stand in the yard outside of the prison and continue to throw rocks at its walls once I have been pardoned?

Meditation to Remember

What a hangover, after a very bad binge and rant on how can I, what should I, how come I, why is this, how come that… I finally found a way back to peace. It was in trying to meditate but not being able to clear my mind that I discovery a way that helped me. Me, me, me, bla, bla, bla. I am so over it. Remember, remember, remember there is always a way back. Not order just whatever pops in.

I am the SOLUTION, I allow SOLUTIONS to enter

I am PEACE, I allow PEACE to enter

I am LOVE, I allow LOVE to enter

I allow GOD to enter

I allow JC to enter

I allow HS to enter

I allow PEACE of MIND to enter

I am LIGHT, I allow LIGHT to enter

I am TRUTH, I allow TRUTH to enter

I am UNITED, I allow UNITY to enter

I am HERE, I allow NOW to enter

NOTE: If you are still having trouble then start with “I make room for” until you can build up to ” I am and I allow”.


Thank you Sparkle Diamond


Let’s Talk about Debt

What is it that I fear? What is it that makes my stomach react? What is my stomach trying to tell me?

Am I afraid of the numbers on the page, the “idea” that I created this and how am “I” going to get rid of it?

This is the old me, these are the creations of an untrained, fear based mind. Am I afraid of what I am capable of creating? Am I afraid that I must drag these old creations with me into my “new life” even though they don’t fit and don’t seem to belong to me anymore? It is not just that I don’t want these debts. It is that I don’t need them. I no longer need excuses. They no longer express my belief about me. I feel the desire to shed them like the pounds that are falling off my body. My pores have literally opening up to release and move and flow through and out of my body. I am shedding my skin and I have no desire to express the idea of something that I do not believe.

I have handed this idea of debt over. Why do I still have fear and anxiety? What is left? Do I still believe I am not worth being forgiven for that which I didn’t understand? I know I am just a baby bird and I desire to learn how to use my new wings to show me how to live in this new world. I got the rainbow around the shadow of the plane. I am getting so many signs. I accept, honor and love that which I created without the eyes to see. I hand it all over to you my beautiful friends JC & HS. Take them all including the fear they create within my body. I honor your ability to change these “wrong ideas” and mis-creations into something beautiful. I do fear my unchecked mind. I see the power that it has. I seek only to stay in unity always. Perfect, whole and complete.

Creating from a new core, creating with purpose, creating with compassion, insight, direction, following and only allowing for God’s Will united with mine.

How do I express this new Core of Peace without fear of forgetting it all???

I must stay in the circle, always connecting to keep myself on the path worth being on. Everything else can disappear from view and I will not miss it at all. The core of fear has created the opposite of any desire I have ever had. The opposite of how I feel now. The opposite of love. Basically because I have always spend most of my time focused on what I do not want. And of course I got just that.

Please take this burden of the idea that I must pay this debt, owe, make penance for my mistakes. These are not my ideas. Who do I think I still owe for my mistakes? Who do I think must be paid? Who do I think must forgive me before I can go forward? What is all this and why is it showing up? I just want to share my joy. I do want everyone to join me in this new freedom, this new core I am feeling and experiencing. I want everyone to join no matter how they got there, here. I want us all to leave our past in the dust. Completely free to begin now in this instant, in this moment.

If I believe there is still a price to pay then I am learning and expressing, thinking and sharing that which I no longer accept or believe. Why? Who am I trying to PLEASE? There is that word I saw yesterday. Interesting… What am I personifying?


The words of my 3rd grade teacher. Stupidity Personified!

WOW I am personalizing all my creations or should I say misguided creations. The only one I owe is me, the only one I need to forgive is me. There is no one else to fear because it is all me. If I am in unity I will always get my answer with complete clarity and complete grace and ease. Anything else that comes in STOP, NOTICE your stomach, it never lies.

STOP… I am loved! (inspiration from my amazing sister)

STOP… I forgive you!

STOP… Lets try this again

STOP… These “ideas” are not your children. It is okay to let them starve from you lack of attention.

Your only being guided to nurture the “ideas” that are your TRUTH, coming from your light and Core of Peace. Those ideas that have come from the core of fear do not need to be secretly fed in the darkness. Let them die there. Let them starve. They are not worthy of your attention. Change your mind, accept your do-over. Let it go! Know that once you put them at the alter and surrender them to never darken your door again. We will set us all free.

Thank you sweet stomach! I am not afraid of your knowing and your desire to communicate to me for my highest good. I am eternally grateful.

This power we have is magnificent and awe inspiring and in our own hands. We can choose to accept our responsibility or hand it over.

I made this debt and only I have the power to release it from my world.

Accept your own power and responsibility and it is seen as a gift from God and the heavens, a true miracle.

Reject your own power and responsibility and it will seem as if you are alone in the world left to fight and beg and steal for every last crumb.

I reject the personification of this prison I understand now to have been of my own making. I humbly request your assistance to release now and remove forever any and all ideas in my mind that are not the TRUTH about me.

I accept my responsibility and I release the function of transformation to the HS.

I accept my responsibility to notice, rewind and choose again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and AMEN


Can I honestly say that I really do wish to remove and release the idea of having to eternally pay a debt for every mistake I have ever made? The answer would have to be YES I DO want to release this idea. I am ready, I am willing, I am grateful!

I would not wish this idea on even my so called worst enemy. It is not my idea!

I no longer drag this bolder around my world and into everyone else’s back yard.

Eternally grateful, Sparkle Diamond